The Church of the Infinite started its life as the entity responsible for the distribution of short run cassettes in the mid 1990's. This was in Melbourne Australia and initially for the band Donuts Inc, then Captains of Industry then ever onwards....

Since then the selection of acts has expanded and cassettes gave way to CD then to internet distribution.

We chose the name "the Church of the Infinite" as we are attached to the idea of transcendence, the infinite. The Church is Us, as we believe all of Us are manifestations of Infinity.

After years of prevarication and non purchasing of domain name, names such as (a shortened acronym version) and were taken, along with a number of variations that seemed appropriate. was then chosen for its availability, and its applied meaning - the Church of  the I can be seen as our manifestations in the physical realm housing our manifestations in the Infinite realm :)

Should you wish to donate to us, you can do so using Paypal.

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